New Patient

What should you expect during your first visit?
During your first visit, I usually conduct an in-depth interview and exam, which will consist of asking numerous questions about your primary complaint as well as a complete health history, and relevant questions about aspects of your health to help build up a complete picture and to put your illness into holistic context.If I feel that Acupuncture will be effective for you, a customized treatment will be formulated. Your first visit will take about 1 hour, with subsequent visits lasting 30-45 minutes.During your treatment, you will lay either face up or face down, in a comfortable position, on a massage table. The needles are generally painless and most people only feel a tapping sensation. Once the needles are in and you are comfortable, you will relax in the treatment room for about 20 – 30 minutes. I will check back in on you often see that you are comfortable during that period. After that time I will return and take out the needles.After the acupuncture treatment is over, I will prescribe Chinese Herbs.Most people find acupuncture completely painless and very relaxing; most patients will actually fall asleep during treatment.
I only use sterile disposable needles.We want you to be comfortable. We have plenty of gowns for you to change into, but if you’d like feel free to bring shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt to change into.

Cancellation Policy

When you make an appointment, please be aware that we have set aside time for you. As a courtesy to our other patients, please be on time for your appointments. There will be a charge for any appointment missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.